Below is a list of light bulb types used in 2015- VOLKSWAGEN TRANSPORTER lighting system, covering van, flat-bed/chassis and minibus vehicles.

Front exterior lights

Headlight bulb: low beam - H4 or H7 / high beam - H4 or H7

Parking light bulb: W5W

Fog light bulb: H11

Front indicator/turn signal bulb: PY21W or H21W

Daytime running light bulb: P21W or W21W

Rear exterior lights

Rear indicator/turn signal bulb: WY16W or P21W

Tail light bulb: W5W or R5W

Brake light bulb: W16W, P21/5W or P21W

Back-up light bulb: W16W or P21W

Rear fog light bulb: P21/4W, H21W or P21W

License plate light bulb: C5W or R5W

Auxiliary stop light bulb: W5W

Interior lights

Interior light bulb: C10W

Boot light bulb: C10W

Entry light bulb: W5W

Reading light bulb: W5W

Glove compartment light bulb: W5W

Light bulb sizes for other VOLKSWAGEN TRANSPORTER generations: TRANSPORTER (T5/MK5)